Rebels and Blue Jays vying for the Ken Cole title
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Bee Durham notified me of a few things, and Tony Krass proved I am not as dimwitted as I think at times.  Immediately below are the actual results and the ones which were incorrect are in red.

The scoring table was incorrect re the Krass-Hutchinson match at 132 lbs.  Krass won it via a fall in 1:38.  The match scoring still has Krass scoring a takedown, Hutchinson an escape, Krass another takedown and Hutchinson a reversal.  It does not indicate how Krass managed to get Hutchinson on his back.  But I'll take the word of guys who were there and the TW brackets now.

Additionally, the first big upset, while at 106 lbs., was #22 Landon Modica of Rummel defeating fourth-seeded Braylin Poston of Brusly 2-0. 

Five teams flip-flopped all afternoon and evening in the top spot during the first day of the 47th Ken Cole Memorial tournament at Comeaux High School in Lafayette.  The other teams vying for the title were Rummel, East Ascension and Dutchtown.  By the end it was Jesuit leading by 9.5 points over Teurlings Catholic, and those two teams have pulled away from the others.

Place School Points Semifinalists Favorites
1 Jesuit 152.5 9 2
2 Teurlings Catholic 143 8 5
3 Rummel 128.5 6 1
4 East Ascension 125 4 2
5 Dutchtown 124.5 6 1

Jesuit has nine semifinalists and Teurlings Catholic has eight.  Teurlings Catholic, however, has five of the highest remaining seeds whereas Jesuit has only two, which gives a slight advantage to the Rebels.  Yet the Blue Jays have four second-highest seeds and Teurlings has none.  Somewhat oddly, there are no head-to-head semifinals matches between Rebels and Blue Jays.  "Blood matches' and bonus points may be the difference come the end of wrestling Saturday night.  If it is close near the end, keep in mind that the Blue Jays are anchored by Jackson Calderaro at 215 lbs. and Spencer Lanosga at 285 lbs.  Those two are 33-0 against Louisiana competition this season. 

NS = Non-scorer.

Weight Highest 2nd-Highest 3rd-Highest 4th-Highest
106 Rummel Jesuit Jesuit (NS) Rummel (NS)
113 St. Thomas More Rummel Teurlings Catholic Dutchtown
120 Teurlings Catholic Jesuit East Ascension St. Thomas More
126 Sam Houston St. Thomas More Rummel Walker
132 Teurlings Catholic Rummel St. Thomas More Dutchtown
138 Sam Houston Rummel Teurlings Catholic Acadiana
144 Dutchtown East Ascension St. Thomas More Brusly
150 Teurlings Catholic Acadiana Jesuit Tuscaloosa County
157 East Ascension Dutchtown Parkway Beaumont Westbrook
165 Teurlings Catholic Jesuit Brusly St. Thomas More
175 Teurlings Catholic Dutchtown Jesuit Tuscaloosa County
190 East Ascension Jesuit Riverdale Parkway
215 Jesuit Tuscaloosa County Teurlings Catholic Dutchtown
285 Jesuit Walker Basile Comeaux

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The first big upset of the evening happened during the 106 lbs. second round when unseeded Brady Hunter of Jesuit defeated third-seeded Logan Bergeron of Basile.  Hunter faces teammate Michael Barnett, the second seed, in the semifinals, so his upset should not vastly affect the team totals unless he wins the semifinals match, putting a miffed Division I runner-up into the consolation semifinals. 

The top four seeds from 113-126 all advanced to the semifinals.

Then came some unexpected upsets, the biggest being Dutchtown senior Champ Hutchinson, seeded eighth, defeating top-seeded Aiden Krass of East Ascension at 132 lbs.  Krass took a 4-1 lead after scoring two first period takedowns to Hutchinson's sole escape point.  Yet with 33 seconds remaining Hutchinson scored a reversal, probably via a roll, and was awarded a fall 11 second later.  Krass was not the only high seed defeated at 132 lbs.  Sixth-seeded Christian Thibodaux of St. Thomas More knocked off the third seed, Cameron Hebert of North Vermillion, 8-5.

There were no surprises at 138 lbs., but at 144 lbs. second-seeded Cayden Richard of Acadiana was upset by seventh-seeded Dylan Ricks of Brusly 6-3.

The 150 lbs. weight class went as expected, but at 157 lbs. the fifth seed, Brock Byrd of Beaumont Westbrook, knocked off fourth-seeded Peyton Miller of Sam Houston 7-5. 

The 165 lbs. wrestlers behaved as expected.  At 175 lbs. Caden Ervin of Tuscaloosa Country defeated #4 Brandon Sanchez of Beaumont Westbrook, but it is doubtful anybody reading (or writing) this knows if that is significant.  The 195 lbs. and 285 lbs. weight classes went as expected, but at 215 lbs. #5 Aiden Angrisano of Dutchtown defeated John Curtis' fourth-seeded Brandon Dang 5-1. 


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