Blue Jays to the Border Wars; St. Paul is second and Holy Cross third
December 3rd, 2023| Written by: Staff writer




Jesuit had six champions and seven top-five finishers in their 58.5 win over St. Paul in the 11th South Walton Border Wars, held on December 1st and Second in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.  St. Paul had a half-point lead over the Blue Jays after Friday's pool rounds, but the Blue Jays took control early on Saturday.  (Yes, that is what I surmise - I was at Rummel and have not a clue!)  Florida powerhouse Clay High School, from the Jacksonville area, placed third while the Holy Cross Tigers placed fifth.

2023 Border Wars Champions Jesuit Placers

Jesuits champions were Michael Barnett, Bodi Harris, Jose Rincon, Isaac Orillion, Jackson Calderaro and Spencer Lanosga.  St. Paul's Scott Casio and Conlan Enk won their weight classes while Holy Cross' champions were Matthew Krail and Gunner Guidry.  (Guidry was seeded third on Saturday and thus retains his non-conformist status re seeding.


Place Team Points
1 Jesuit 360.5
2 St. Paul 301
3 Clay, FL 273
4 Holy Cross 235.5
5 Gulf Breeze, FL 197

Apparently the event let more than one wrestler per weight class score team points.  That happened with Jesuit twice.  At 113 lbs., at which champion Michael Barnett scored 24 points and fourth-place winner Max Belsome scored 14.5 points.  At 190 lbs. champion Jackson Calderaro scored 28 points while fifth-place winner Cam Himel scored 13 points.  Two wrestlers scoring points in the same weight class happened re St. Paul at 126 lbs. and for Holy Cross at 113 lbs., 126  lbs. and 138 lbs.

I took the liberty (as if someone was going to stop me from doing so) of adding the points scored by the three Louisiana teams on Saturday and during the Friday pool rounds.  Add those totals and one arrives with the final points scored according to TrackWrestling and how trophies were divvied up.  In my recollection of how tournaments are run. if a team enters more than one wrestler per weight class, one wrestler is considered a "scoring" wrestler while the others are there just for experience or to knock off some kids from other teams and keep them from scoring. 

Weight Wrestler School Place Points     Weight Wrestler School Place Points      Weight Wrestler School Place Points
106 Brady Hunter Jesuit 3rd 13   106 Scott Cascio St. Paul 1st 28   106 Eli Wright Holy Cross 6th 11
113 Michael Barnette Jesuit 1st 24   113 Rhett Nastasi St. Paul 2nd 22   113 Brock Breaux Holy Cross DNP 3
113 Max Belsome Jesuit 4th 14.5   126 Luke Jones St. Paul 4th 11   113 Michael Klein Holy Cross 6th 11
126 Bodi Harris Jesuit 1st 29   126 A.J. Bourg St. Paul DNP 5   120 Anthony Oubre Holy Cross 2nd 24
132 Jose Rincon Jesuit 1st 27   132 Cole Mire St. Paul 5th 12   126 Landon Smith Holy Cross 5th 16.5
138 JP Webre Jesuit 3rd 17   144 Landon Noblet St. Paul 4th 15   126 Vincent Vidacovich Holy Cross 4th 15
144 Isaac Orillion Jesuit 1st 29.5   150 Conlan Enk St. Paul 1st 25.5   132 Nicholas Sauerwin Holy Cross 3rd 15
150 Quinn Anderson Jesuit 5th 15   157 Dane Schumacher St. Paul 4th 15   138 Matthew Krail Holy Cross 1st 26.5
157 Carter Corsetti Jesuit 3rd 19   165 Caleb Shartle St. Paul 2nd 22   138 Jude Fos Holy Cross DNP 7
165 Harris Treuting Jesuit 3rd 17   175 Jared Paulito St. Paul 3rd 16   144 Henry Mulvihill Holy Cross DNP 3
175 Patrick Matthews Jesuit DNP 2   190 Jackson Peak St. Paul 2nd 23.5   157 Gunner Guidry Holy Cross 1st 29
190 Jackson Calderaro Jesuit 1st 28   215 John Martinez St. Paul 6th 10   165 Antwon Parks Holy Cross 4th 14
190 Cam Himel Jesuit 5th 13   285 Matthew Burmaster St. Paul 4th 13   215 Ethan Rigis Holy Cross DNP 5
285 Spencer Lanosga Jesuit 1st 30                        
  Saturday Points     278     Saturday Points     218     Saturday Points     180
  Friday Pool Points     82.5     Friday Pool Points     83     Friday Pool Points     53.5
  Total Points     360.5     Total Points     301     Total Points     233.5

From Friday, December 1st:

St. Paul has as tenuous lead as can be had, a half-point, over Jesuit after Friday's pool rounds at the 11th South Walton Border Wars in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.  Clay, FL is third, followed by Holy Cross and Gulf Breeze, FL.

St. Paul won 48 matches of the 55 matches they wrestled.  Jesuit had only 46 matches, winning 44 and losing two.  In their one head-to-head match the Wolves' Dane Schumacher defeated Carter Corsetti of Jesuit 9-0 MD.  St. Paul has an advantage in that they have 14 scoring wrestlers, whereas the Blue Jays have only 13.


Place Team Points
1 St. Paul 83
2 Jesuit 82.5
3 Clay, FL 64.5
4 Holy Cross 53.5
5 Gulf Breeze, FL 49.5


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