Louisiana Classic - 132 pounds
Clementi dominant in second LACL win
March 31st, 2023 | Written by: Staff writer



(1) Richie Clementi
Brother Martin
2nd 3rd 4th
(6) Christian Worley
(5) Nicholas Sauerwin
Holy Cross
(3) Lucas Maneckshaw
East Ascension

Brother Martin sophomore Richie Clementi dominated the opposition to win his second LACL title.  Clementi racked up four falls, including one in 3:43 over sixth-seeded Christian Worley of Catholic in the finals.  Do not be fooled by his 2-0 semifinals win.  He dominated that match as well, even though the only "live" point he scored was a second period escape after a mere five seconds had elapsed.  The rest of that period and all of the first period consisted of Clementi not really given the opportunity to score a takedown.  He was not given any opportunities to score while on top in the third period, either.

Worley was a surprise finalists, but Catholic surprised a lot of people in this event.  Second-seeded Collin Cusimano lost in the first round to TC's Layne Rivette, who then lost to seventh-seeded freshman Merritt Clinton of Heath, TX in the quarterfinals.  The bottom half of the bracket finally followed seeding in the semifinals when Worley defeated Clinton 16-12.  Prior to that Worley upset third-seeded Lucas Maneckshaw of East Ascension 12-6.

Preliminary Rounds

R2: Kolton West (LO) defeated (8) Mohammed Gaber (CHL) 3-1

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(1) Richie Clementi (BM) pinned Kolton West (LO) in 1:56
(6) Christian Worley (CAT) defeated (3) Lucas Maneckshaw (EA) 12-6

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(1) Richie Clementi (BM) defeated (4) Chase Haydel (JES) 2-0
(6) Christian Worley (CAT) defeated (7) Merritt Clinton (HTH) 8-3

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Consolation Rounds

C4: Kolton West (LO) defeated Cayden Richards (ACA) 4-0
Layne Rivette (TC) defeated Collin Bell (ND) 7-4

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Third-Sixth Place

(5) Nick Sauerwin (HC) defeated (3) Lucas Maneckshaw (EA) 11-8 to place 3rd
(7) Merritt Clinton (HTH) defeated (4) Chase Haydel (JES) 8-4 to place 5th 

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(1) Richie Clementi (BM) pinned (6) Christian Worley (CAT) in 3:43


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