2909 Kansas Avenue
Kenner, LA 70065

Owner:  Martin Muller
Home:  (504) 305-1824
Cell:  (504) 330-7090 (This is rarely used)

This is the front of the tri-plex If you turn left at the end of Bonnabel High School and go to 30th Street there are only two stop signs until Kansas.  Bruin St. has a lot more.


The front fascia blew off during one of last season's "storms."  I had never checked the back before, so I do not know if it totally blew off or was ever there.

I calculated 90 feet of fascia, which means about eight 0.91"x8"x12.5' pieces.  White vinyl is available at Lowes, and that is fine with me.  The original was brown aluminum, as shown below.  It actually measures 1.5" x 7.5", but I imagine fascia measurements were determined by the same person who measures wood 2x4s.

Front area where fascia needs replacing The "north side" break of the front fascia The "south side" break of the front fascia

The total lack of the fascia on the back The back of the original aluminum fascia the front of the original aluminum fascia  


The shingles also blew off during last season's "storms."  I have replacement shingles, but they may not be the right ones for the job.  I just want the shingles redone to survive a CAT 2 storm if necessary.  I know as what I did proved not to work very well, a different approach may be needed.

Fairly close-up - really just testing the lens Farther away Even farther away