Crusaders win 10th Culotta in 11 years; North Desoto, Dutchtown and Comeaux wins events
December 25th, 2021| Written by: Staff writer


You know those days when a simple recap of a couple of events turns into an excuse to finally start justifying some Louisiana Classic seeds, and then next thing you know is it is three days later, you still have to do 220 lbs. and 285 lbs., you have yet to proof or even spellcheck anything, and the new carpet at the apartments still has to await a few more things before it can be vacuumed?  Yeah..."So this is Christmas, and what have you done?"

From all of us at the Louisiana Wrestling News (that being myself and CAT, whether she knows it or not) have a great and safe Holiday Season!

Evangel Prep Classic/Wrestlefests Dale Ketelsen Christmas Clash Acadiana High Invitational

The Brother Martin Crusaders won their Trey Culotta Invitational from 2011 to 2019.  Last season they were dethroned by Christian Brothers of Memphis, Tennessee, by 41 points.  On Monday and Tuesday, they took their throne back, defeating Christian Brothers by 35 points, 335.5 to 300.5.  Vestavia Hills of Alabama placed third, followed by East Ascension and Parkway.

Three Crusaders, Richie Clementi, Mason Elsensohn and Kent Burandt won individual titles for the Crusaders.  Two others, Jacob Elsensohn and Rocco Horvath, placed second.  Five Crusaders placed third or fourth.
4x6 Team Photo


St. Paul, the Crusaders' main opposition for the Division I state team title, as well as for the Louisiana Classic title, were not present, but there were several finals matches that could be repeated in the Division I finals matches.  Also not present were Catholic, Fontainebleau, Holy Cross or Jesuit, all of whom (with others, certainly) should have state finalists.

Sam Houston's Tyson Roach defeated Southside's Kael Reaux for the fourth time via a fall in 2:25.  Airline's Logan Olsen placed third via a 5-2 win over Brother Martin's Logan Dacuyan.  Dylan Duvernay of De la Salle placed fifth.  Kael's older brother Landon, the 2021 Division I Outstanding Wrestler, fared no better against Brother Martin freshman Richie Clementi.  The elder Reaux, however, is known to rebound from early losses as the season progresses.  Parkway's Matthew Gallman placed fifth.

The most anticipated finals match was at 120 lbs. between the undefeated sophomore Jacob Elsensohn of Brother Martin and Airline's two-time defending state champion, junior Ernie Perry.  Elsensohn had won three out-of-state tournaments by this time.  Perry had competed in only one tournament, also out-of-state, and placed fifth.  One should not need to mention, though, that a well-respected tournament in Oklahoma is going to provide stiffer competition than events in Katy, TX, Mobile, AL or the Florida panhandle.  The was exciting throughout, but never more so that after 30 seconds when Elsensohn lateralled Perry to his back.  The move dropped both wrestlers out of bounds, though, and even if it had not, it is arguable if Elsensohn would have scored on it.  Perry rolled through it and off his back immediately upon impact.  After that, the match belonged to Perry.  He scored three takedowns and two nearfall points to Elsensohn's two escapes.  Parkway's Christopher Strong placed fourth at 120 lbs.

Following that match, Southside's Wiley Boudreaux faced the undefeated and 2021 defending Alabama Class 7A state champion (a season in which he was also undefeated) Zach Flurry of Vestavia Hills.  The two were tied 2-2 after the first period, but then Boudreaux ran-off 10 unanswered points before scoring a fall in 4:48.  Sam Houston's Caleb Lavine placed third with a 5-2 victory over Brother Martin's Hunter Chabert.

At 132 lbs. Mason Elsensohn survived a scare but claimed his second Trey Culotta championship.  East Ascension's Lucas Maneckshaw placed fourth and Ty Duncan, a non-scoring Crusader competitor, placed fifth.  The 138 lbs. weight class was dominated by Art Martinez of Holy Innocents, GA, but Parkway's David Viers made the finals.  Brother Martin's Kent Burandt scored four falls and a major decision in dominating 145 lbs.  He defeated Parkway's Johnny Weissbach in the finals.  De la Salle's Liam O'Connor placed third with a fall in 3:47 over East Ascension's Gregory Walker, and Rory Horvath, another Crusader non-scorer, placed fifth.

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As I was taking the finals photograph on the left of Mason Elsensohn,
I said to myself, "No way - I cannot publish this."'
The second two photos assured me that it would be OK.

Hannan's Preston Gautier surprised Brother Martin's Ryan Corca 6-2 in the Friday 152 lbs. pools, but Corca persevered by defeating top-seeded Clay Johnson 5-4 in the first round on Saturday.  In the semifinals Corca fell to Jordan Baxter of Pace, who was demolished by Ada, OK's re` Ivy via a 16-0 TF.  Corca finished fourth, losing a rematch with Johnson in 4:03.  At 160 lbs. Santos Ramos fell to Pace's Atticus Waters 8-6 in the semifinals.  Louisiana was represented in the finals by Hannan's Grayson Penniston, though.  Waters did not seem to care, as he defeated Penniston 13-4 MD.  Ramos needed less than three minutes to secure third place.

At 170 lbs. the Crusaders' Rocco Horvath tasted defeat for the first time to Christian Brothers' Aiden Bowers.  Bowers avenged an earlier 6-2 loss to Horvath in the black Horse finals.  De la Salle's Luke Robertson, who was handed his first loss of the season by Horvath in the semifinals, placed third via a 11-7 win over East Ascension's Gabriel Bonin.

From 182 lbs. to 220 lbs. Louisiana did not have any finalists.  De la Salle's Jason Krail placed fourth at 182 lbs.  Jacob Schexnaydre placed 3rd at 195 lbs. and Hannan's Wade Rist placed fifth.  At 220 lbs. Brother Martin's Julian Tapia lost only to out-of-state opponents, preserving an undefeated record as far as the LWN is concerned, and placed fourth.

Louisiana's last finalist was Basile's Anphrony Guillory, who was 11-0 prior to the finals.  He stays 11-0, despite a loss in 0:23 to Eagles Landing's Jahil McKenney.  McKenney, by virtue of winning the 285 lbs. weight class, was awarded the Trey Culotta Outstanding Wrestler award.

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Trey Culotta Champions

106 Pounds

113 Pounds

120 Pounds 126 Pounds 132 Pounds 138 Pounds 145 Pounds
Tyson Roach
Sam Houston
Richie Clementi
Brother Martin
Ernie Perry, III
Wiley Boudreaux
Mason Elsensohn
Brother Martin
Art Martinez
Kent Burandt
Brother Martin

152 Pounds

160 Pounds

170 Pounds 182 Pounds 195 Pounds 220 Pounds 285 Pounds
Ada, OK
Atticus Water
Pace, FL
Aiden Bowers
Brothers, TN
Luke Malveaux
St. Thomas, TX
Cameron Cavine
Brothers, TN
Timbrook Hodger
Brothers, TN
Jahil McKenney (OW)
Eagle's Landing, GA
(with Mr. Culotta (L)
and BM Coach Andrew Nicola (R))

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Trey Culotta Invitational Top-five Placers (Louisiana wrestlers bolded)

(Records for point scorers - losses are to Louisiana wrestlers only.  "NS" = non-scorers.)

Weight Winner School Runner-up School Score Third Place School Fourth Place School Fifth Place School
106 Tyson Roach (32-0) Sam Houston Kael Reaux(14-4*) Southside 2:24 Logan Olsen (17-3) Airline Logan Dacuyan (15-9) Brother Martin Dylan Duvernay (25-6) De la Salle
113 Richie Clementi (21-0) Brother Martin Landen Reaux (11-3) Southside 17-2 TF Colby Baltz Houston Cale Tucker Vestavia Hills Matthew Gallman (11-1) Parkway
120 Ernie Perry, III (16-0) Airline Jacob Elsensohn (30-1) Brother Martin 9-2 Alex Ropski Christian Brothers Christopher Strong (17-1) Parkway David Reiff Vestavia Hills
126 Wiley Boudreaux (22-2) Southside Zack Flurry Vestavia Hills 4:48 Caleb Lavine (35-2**) Sam Houston Hunter Chabert (28-4) Brother Martin Mac Chandler Vestavia Hills
132 Mason Elsensohn (27-0) Brother Martin Wills Bronson Christian Brothers 7-5 Hunter Sturgill Heritage Lucas Maneckshaw (34-6) East Ascension Ty Duncan Brother Martin (NS)
138 Art Martinez Holy Innocents David Viers (16-0) Parkway 8-3 Nicholas Cusimano (21-1) Brother Martin Andrew Sullivan Vestavia Hills Braden Hite Brother Martin (NS)
145 Kent Burandt (23-1) Brother Martin Jonathan Weissbach (13-2) Parkway 15-3 MD Liam O'Connor (7-1) De la Salle Gregory Walker East Ascension Rory Horvath Brother Martin (NS)
152 Tre`Ivy Ada Jordan Baxter Pace 16-0 TF Clay Johnston Vestavia Hills Ryan Corca (25-6) Brother Martin Mario Robledo Christian Brothers
160 Atticus Waters Pace Grayson Pennison (11-0) Hannan 13-4 MD Santos Ramos (25-0) East Ascension Sam Cordova St. Thomas Kaden Gallagher Ada
170 Aidan Bowers Christian Brothers Rocco Horvath (30-0) Brother Martin 5-3 Luke Robertson (16-1) De la Salle Gabriel Bonin (29-9) East Ascension Will Johnson Ada
182 Luke Malveaux St. Thomas Gervacio Gonzalez Christian Brothers Medical Forfeit James Gleason Holy Innocents Jason Krail (24-6) De la Salle John Edwards Vestavia Hills
195 Cameron Cavine Christian Brothers David Dimann Houston 3-0 Jacob Schexnaidre (28-5) East Ascension Riggs Manown Vestavia Hills Wade Rist Hannan
220 Timbrook Hodge Christian Brothers Hale Wood Pace 2:36 Jack Branson Christian Brothers Julian Tapia (8-0) Brother Martin Nathan Slagter Houston
285 Jahil McKenney (OW) Eagle's Landing Anphrony Guillory (11-1) Basile 0:23 Mitch Taylor Vestavia Hills Tayvon Patterson (9-2) Airline Jake Morton (6-1) Parkway

*    Only losses to Roach    **    Only losses to Boudreaux

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Evangel Wrestlefest and Prep Classic

North Desoto won the Evangel Prep Classic dual meet competition over seven other teams from Northwest Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.  The Griffins defeated John Curtis in the finals 46-30.  Curtis upset Friday's Pool A winner, St. John Paul of Alabama, 42-24 on Saturday.  North Desoto defeated Curtis on Friday by the same 46-30 score, albeit with some slightly different lineups and individual match results. 

FB post by John Curtis
coach John Kendrick
FB post by John Curtis coach John Kendrick FB post by North Desoto
coach Dustin Burton

Wrestlefest was a series of three tri-quad meets held on December 20th, prior to the Evangel Prep Classic.  North Desoto won "Wrestlefest I" with a 54-18 victory over Byrd and a 48-18 defeat of Vinton.  In "Wrestlefest II" Haughton defeated South Beauregard 42-36.  Bishop Lynch of Texas won "WRestlefest III," defeating Evangel and John Curtis each 54-27 and St. John Paul II 60-24.  John Curtis beat Evangel 39-30.  I a significant match from that dual, Curtis' Sean King pinned defending Division III state champion Michael Gilreath in 1:50.

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Dale Ketelsen Christmas Clash

Dutchtown won the Dale Ketelsen Christmas Clash, a series of Dual meets held on Monday and Tuesday at St. Paul.  Monday's Pool A was won by St. Paul, followed by Destrehan, Hahnville and the Rummel "B" team.  Pool B was won by Live Oak, followed by Rummel, Chalmette and Covington.  Dutchtown won Pool C over the St. Paul "B" team, Fontainebleau and Lakeshore. 

On Saturday St. Paul advanced to the finals after victories over Chalmette (54-27) and Rummel (51-26).  Dutchtown defeated Covington 66-18 and then Live Oak 48-36.  In the finals Dutchtown benefitted by two forfeits to defeat the Wolves 43-36.  Live Oak was aided by two forfeits to get past Rummel 42-39 and place third.

[Please do not misunderstand winning by forfeits in a dual meet to mean a team was "given" points.  To not give up forfeits one has to have a full 14-person squad.  Just putting someone in who might not get pinned can make a difference in the outcome of the match.]

Of note in this event was, dare I write his name again, Cole Mire of Dutchtown, who defeated Trey Faherty of St. Paul 6-0.

Acadiana High Invitational

Comeaux won the Acadiana High Invitational, outpacing Basile 237 points to 152 points.  St. Thomas More was three points behind Basile, and were followed by North Vermillion and Sulphur.

Acadiana High Invitational Finalists

Weight Winner School Runner-up School Score
106 Royer DeQuincy Ashford Basile 0:57
113 Romero St. Thomas More Leslie Comeaux 19-5 MD
120 Cayden RIchard Acadiana Caleb Ducote Sulphur 0:22
126 Gaspard Comeaux Tumley Kaplan 1:23
132 Hyatt Parker Comeaux Cameron Hebert North Vermillion 5:58
138 Seth Choate Acadiana Bryce Reiter Comeaux 7-3
145 Finley McGill St. Thomas More Wyatt Hollier Comeaux 2:16
152 Avery Porsche Comeaux Lambousy Comeaux (NS) 1:13
160 Nacaise North Vermillion Ryder Foreman Lafayette 1:03
170 Colin Pierre Comeaux Shannon Fray Lafayette 1:11
182 John Lambousy Comeaux Gannon Domangue St. Thomas More 0:31
195 Wyatt Burke Comeaux Cameron Lejeune North Vermillion 1:47
220 Garrett Billeaud North Vermillion Scott Berzas Basile 0:56
285 Ryan Fobbs Erath Holden Matthews St. Thomas More 12-7

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