Cardinals defeat Bruins and Patriots at Bonnabel tri-meet
November 12th, 2018 | Written by: Editor



The Bonnabel Bruins got the best of the Belle Chasse Cardinals and the John Curtis Patriots Wednesday night, defeating John Curtis 48-12 and Belle Chasse 36-33.  Belle Chasse whipped John Curtis 54-10.  The patriots however, bested both teams by matches actually wrestled.  Curtis was 2-1 vs. Bonnabel and 3-1 vs. Belle Chasse.

John Curtis (to no one's surprise) is missing a lot of kids due to football, and those kids may not show up to practice until later December.  Belle Chasse is also into the second round of football playoffs and are certainly missing some of their team.

The coaches at least await the fun days in which football players those who are not already committed to wrestling) come into the wrestling room ready to practice and find out they are not even prepared for basic November and early December wrestling workouts.  Many of them, after the first practice, do not "fade away" like old soldiers; they run away fast and avoid the wrestling room completely.  Usually a little more than half of the football players make it to the second practice, and if one or two decide to stay with it through the season, coaches consider it a miracle.

So - is this a challenge to football plays?  Yes, it is.  No sports will teach you to your absolute capabilities in both strength and mental stamina than wrestling will.  And wrestling teaches balance that can be utilized greatly in football the next year.  Try to stick with it - the January practices are certainly not to be to your liking, but wrestlers salivate at such chances (if they have any saliva left in their bodies.

The results of Wednesdays tri-meet can be found by clicking the links below: 

Belle Chasse 54-John Curtis 10 Bonnabel 36-Belle Chasse 33  Bonnabel 54-John Curtis 0

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