Jesuit Invitational a good warm-up for tougher events to follow
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Nine teams ventured to the Jesuit High School gymnasium on November 18th for the Jesuit Invitational.  Team scores were not kept, but it is pretty easy to see that Holy Cross and Jesuit dominated the competition.

Holy Cross had eight individual champions in Jacob Frost (106 lbs.), Caruso Signorelli (113 lbs.), Michael Lundin (120 lbs.),Jacob Spahn (126 lbs.), Mason Macaluso (138 lbs.), Cameron Frost (145 lbs.), Brady Butler (152 lbs.) and Brady Maillet (285 lbs.).

The Blues netted five titles by Luke Eccles (132 lbs.), Nathan Koenig (160 lbs.), Paul Treuting (170 lbs.), Darren Ferrier (182 lbs.) and Thomas Arseneaux (195 lbs.).

The only non-Tiger and non-Blue Jay to win a championship was De la Salle's Alex Ormond at 220 lbs.

Several noted wrestlers were absent, including Spencer Rayes for the Tigers and Adam Larriviere, Eli Larriviere and Perry Ganci for the Blue Jays.  St. Paul's did not bring their notables such as defending Division I state champions Cole Houser and Jared Thieler, nor did the Wolves bring Brandon Stein, Grant Hughes or Jake Arena, to mention a few.

Some of the more notable participants basically got a "tune-up" to aid in their next competition (for Holy Cross, Jesuit and St. Paul's that would be the Fifth Annual South Walton Border Wars).  The event also provided some crucial mat experience for some wrestlers with hopes of earning a spot on the varsity team this season or in the future.


106 113 120 126 132 138 145 152 160 170 182 195 220 285


Early Matches
R1: Chris Charles (JES) pinned Henry Ehrardt (JES) in 3:40
R1: Sean Cripple (StP) defeated Max Holmes (JES) via a 14-3 Major Decision
SF: Jacob Frost (HC) pinned Chris Charles (JES) in 1:19
C1: Max Holmes (JES) defeated Zachary Lauland (DLS) via a 16-1 Technical Fall
CF: Max Holmes (JES) defeated Chris Charles (JES) via a 21-6 Technical Fall to place third
Jacob Frost of Holy Cross pinned Sean Cripple of St. Paul's in 1:28

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Results of two matches between the two entrants in this weight class
Caruso Signorelli (HC) pinned Tony Serio (JES) in 2:00<
Caruso Signorelli (HC) pinned Tony Serio (JES) in 1:25

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Early Matches
SF: Michael Lundin (HC) pinned Edward Blakemore (JES) in 1:27
SF: Ben Dreuil (JES) defeated Jamar Brown (DLS) 4-1
CF: Jamar Brown (DLS) pinned Edward Blakemore (JES) in 3:48 to place third
Michael Lundin of Holy Cross pinned Ben Dreuil of Jesuit in 3:06

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Early Matches
R1: Gage Sonnier (JE) pinned Wade Langston (ZAC) in 0:38
SF: Jacob Spahn (HC) pinned Sherriff Hartly (ZAC) in 0:39
SF: Gage Sonnier (JE) pinned Jeffrey Hefner (DLS) in 3:45
C1: Jeffrey Hefner (DLS) pinned Sherriff Hartly (ZAC) in 0:25
C1: Christopher Grace (JES) pinned Wade Langston (ZAC) in 0:52
Jeffrey Hefner (DLS) pinned Christopher Grace (JES) in 0:41 to place third
Jacob Spahn of Holy Cross defeated Gage Sonnier of John Ehret via a 12-2 Major Decision

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Early Matches
R2: Colby Queyrouze (JES) pinned Logan LaCoste (HC)
R2: Colin Clement (HC) pinned Brenon LeGuin (StP)
R2: Luke Eccles (JES) pinned Brice Marcey (EJ)
SF: Colby Queyrouze (JES) pinned Grant Gebo (DLS) in 5:39
SF: Luke Eccles (JES) defeated Colin Clement (HC) 9-3
C3: Luke Battaglia (JES) defeated Logan LaCoste (HC) via an injury default
CSF: Grant Gebo (DLS) pinned Brenon LeGuin (StP) in 0:30
CSF: Colin Clement (HC) pinned Luke Battaglia (JES) in 0:29
Grant Gebo (DLS) defeated Colin Clement (HC) 10-5 to place third
Luke Eccles of Jesuit pinned Colby Queyrouze of Jesuit in 3:07

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Early Matches
R1: Chase Raterman (JES) decisioned Philip Schifflin (BC)
R1: Charles Ducombs (StP) pinned Hunter Sylve (DLS)
R1: Patrick McConnell (JES) pinned Gareth Martinez (DLS)
SF: Evan Queyrouze (JES) defeated Hung Nguyen (TJ) 5-1
C3: Patrick McConnell (JES) pinned Charles Ducombs (StP) in 1:05
CF: Hung Nguyen (TJ) defeated Cameron Doyle (HC) via an injury default to place third
Mason Macaluso of Holy Cross pinned Evan Queyrouze of Jesuit in 1:14

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Early Matches
R1: Jacob Angelo (DLS) pinned Christian Allison (StP) in 1:35
SF: Cameron Frost (HC) pinned Jacob Angelo (DLS) in 4:50
CF: Jacob Angelo (DLS) pinned Matthew Roussel (StP) in 5:15 to place third
Cameron Frost of Holy Cross pinned Jacob Wallis of Zachary in 1:52

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Early Matches
R1: Chad Craig (JE) pinned Dawayne Reed (ZAC)
SF: Brady Butler (HC) decisioned Chad Craig (JE)
CF: Charles Carr (DLS) pinned Chad Craig (JE) to place third
Brady Butler of Holy Cross pinned Andrew Fugetta of Jesuit in 1:41

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Early Matches
SF: Nathan Koenig (JES) pinned Jeff Fisackerly (JE)
  Jeff Fisackerly (JE) defeated Merchant Gauvin (HC) 9-2 to place third
Nathan Koenig of Jesuit pinned Matthew Gerrets of Holy Cross in 0:53

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Early Matches
SF: Caden Mumme (HC) decisioned Jack Grady (JES)
Caleb Michelson (ZAC) defeated Jack Grady (JES) 7-0 to place third
Paul Treuting of Jesuit defeated Caden Mumme of Holy Cross 3-1

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Early Matches
SF: Austin Hotard (BC) decisioned Darrien Batiste (ZAC)
Andrew Schifflin (BC) pinned Darrien Batiste (ZAC) to place third
Darren Ferrier of Jesuit pinned Austin Hotard of Belle Chasse in 4:29

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Results of two matches between the two entrants in this weight class
Thomas Arseneaux of Jesuit pinned Jeyson Mendoza in 0:27 in the first match. Arseneaux won the second match via a 21-5 Technical Fall

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Results of three matches between the two entrants in this weight class
Ryan Doody of Holy Cross pinned Alex Ormond of De la Salle in 5:09
Alex Ormond of De la Salle defeated Ryan Doody 2-0 in a Sudden Victory period
Alex Ormond of De la Salle defeated Ryan Doody of Holy Cross 3-1

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Results of three matches between the three entrants in this weight class
Joshua Gaspard (JES) pinned Rodney Dorsey (ZAC) in 1:21
Brady Maillet (HC) pinned Rodney Dorsey (ZAC) in 2:26
Brady Maillet of Holy Cross defeated Joshua Gaspard of Jesuit 1-0
1) Brady Maillet - Holy Cross
2) Joshua Gaspard - Jesuit
3) Rodney Dorsey - Zachary

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