Makeup table leg baffles editor
November 29th, 2019| Written by: Editor



Upon setting up the Shany makeup table when it arrived I knew my daughter would love it.

However, while taking ti apart to try to hide it until Christmas, one of the legs would not come off.  I used the weight of the table to turn the leg CCW.  I used some pliers.  I even put a heating bag on it to try to use high school physics on it.  Nothing worked.

I have a warranty and was asked to send some photos to the email address I got from y'all: Shany Support <>



Click and photo for an enlarged version

Below, of course, is how it looked when I set it up originally, and I have added some information:



Please let me know what we can do.  I understand I may have to return it in an odd-sized box.

Thanks much!

Martin G. Muller

10510 Clinton Street

River Ridge, Louisiana 70123

(504) 305-1824




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