Louisiana Wrestling News is a Website designed to provide wrestling fans with information on upcoming wrestling events and current wrestling issues, as well as information about particular wrestling programs, coaches and wrestlers.

In the 1977-8 and 1978-9 seasons Coach Bill Bofinger of Lee High School published the Louisiana Wrestling Roundup, a small-sized newspaper, which was distributed free to all wrestling programs three times each year.  From 1992-3 to 1994-5 Vic DeFiori, Ron Gross and Stan Lambert published Louisiana Grappler, a newsletter for all coaches, officials and clubs associated with USA Wrestling.  These publications were written by people who not only knew about wrestling, but were firmly entrenched in the sport.

Current media outlets covering high school wrestling are adequate yet provide sparse and, although without malicious intent, misleading wrestling information.  Too few are written by people who actually know the sport.

This Website will not rush its articles.  Even correspondence via emails requires time, and others need to be consulted re some stories.  Initially articles posted on this Website will originate from event results. It is hoped that others will find this Website as a place not to necessarily voice their opinions (although that will be an option) but to also write about wrestling events and personalities in their locales.  High school students are encouraged to write about their schools' wrestling teams.  This will give them the experience of working with an editor as well as provide extracurricular activities which can be used on college admission applications.

For current wrestling results, it is recommended that one view the Louisiana High School Wrestling Archives Website.


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